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Alarm index

Accident with participation of aircraft

A 1 Aircraft emergency weight class A to F
A 2 Aircraft emergency weight class OTHER ONE
A 3 Aircraft emergency at the ground


Accident without participation of aircraft

B 1 Accident with personal injury
B 2 Accident without personal injury


C 1 Fire in/at the aircraft
C 2 Fire in the building
C 3 Freed of gas/explosion
C 4 Automatic fire message
C 5 fire of a passenger car
C 6 Fire of a truck
C 7 Fire at close range of the airport (outside of the area)

Freed pollutants/danger good

D 1 Flight fuel run out
D 2 Parcels with danger property leaky, damages (biological/chemical dangers)
D 3 Radioactive substances (atomic dangers)
D 4 Gas freed / Gas smell
D 5 Other case with danger goods

Support of Persons

E 1 Support of a helpless individual person
E 2 Support of concerned persons/family members after damage event

Medical Emergency

F 1 Person easily get sick/hurts
F 2 Person life-threateningly get sick/hurts
F 3 Numerous hurt persons (more than 5 persons)
F 4 Danger of epidemics

Police situation

G 1 Bomb threat
G 2 Taking of hostages
G 3 Hooligan
G 4 Person security / VIP
G 5 Suspect article

Other events

H 1 Enclosed person
H 2 Voltage failure
H 3 Gale warning
H 4 Storm damage
H 5 Snow/ice on the runway


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